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Ayurveda is a science of balance: Learn how to do it.

Many people talk about pacification of this or that Dosha, but Ayurveda tells to bring harmony in all aspects and we do the same. After practicing Ayurveda for years on international platform we understand how to do this successfully with diet, lifestyle and herbs. 


  • Care your Coronaries

    Care your Coronaries

    Cardiac disorders are on top of the list of ten killer diseases all over the world. Heart which is the most vital part of the body and gives life to all of us is […]

  • Prashana Sanskar

    Prashana Sanskar

    Decreasing nutritional value of foods?
    T.V., Video Games??
    Day by day increasing contamination??
    Social and family atmosphere!!!!
    Newer and confusing concepts about child care????
    Increasing competition
    And much more ……………
    These are the few issues which are like a challenge for […]

  • Ayurveda about Menstruation & Women Health

    Ayurveda about Menstruation & Women Health

    Ayurveda found uniqueness with women at very early stages and started to unfold the different conditions with the women. In comparison to men, women are more complex body system of hormones and biological processes; […]


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Herbal powders and capsules of more than 125 types, Ayurvedic Ghrutam, Ayurveda Tailam, Ayurvedic Medicines and much more, manufactured as per guidelines of Ayurvedic Text. Strictest quality control under supervision of the best Ayurvedic Vaidyas.

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Years back in 2005 I placed my first order with Atharva’s and since then I am a regular buyer from their website. They deliver what they claim. I am one of them who’re never satisfied with anything but once it comes to Ayurveda, Doshas, Diet, Health, Herbs, Panchakarma products- I say I am satisfied from one place and that’s Atharv’s AyurvedicDietSolutions. Thank you so much for such a complete and wonderful website with all scientific data and explanations, Namastey!!”
– Ross Andrew, NY 

I bought some of the Ayurvedic Herbs for the first time, packet arrived and once I opened whole house was dipped with in the fragrance of Ayurveda. I had bought same herbs and medicines from other sellers but never had such a wonderful experience ever before. Since 2009 I am a regular buyer and no doubt your herbal teas are really wonderful combination of herbs.
Janet, NJ, USA
I had a dosha test on the first day from your website and overlooked the email thought it is just another junk mail. After three months, I again found your email once I was looking for something else in my inbox. Before this I always thought Ayurveda is all about mythology and tricks, for the first time you made me to believe that Ayurveda is a science, Thanks for all wonderful support!
Joseph, Cottonwood, AZ
You name the ayurvedic herbs and they can provide that to you and that too in best of best quality and if they don’t have the best quality they will keep you on hold and will deliver once “the best” is available. Quality matters for these guys and they always work on the basic guidelines of the herbs. I used to call them Ayurveda AS IT IS from INDIA, Namstey!
Rajewski, Greenacres, FL
Buying Ayurvedic medicines and to question about their use was never possible at one place since I found your website in 2010. There are many websites who sell ayurvedic herbs and medicines but once you have a query about some product they are always clueless but with Atharvs it was different as always because of a well educated team of Ayurveda Professionals.
William, Toronto
It was hard to find all the ayurvedic herbs at a same place and I kept on wandering till I find this website. Their description about the herbs is really wonderful, they have shared all the basic details about the herbs along with scientific data so that one will understand the uses of the herbs in a better way. The team Atharv has very much sound knowledge about Ayurveda.
Otavio, São Paulo - SP