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Ayurveda Detox Diet
You regularly get your vehicle serviced. Mechanic will wash each and every part, water properly and will remove all the stains of dust and oil by cleaning it with some detergents. The same sticky stuff we eat daily, what our cars or mo-bikes use. But we never think to get our machine serviced properly. When it has been a long time without a proper service, one day our physicians and surgeons tell you that we need an Angioplasty to remove the blockage of your arteries or we need a lithoscopic procedure to bring out the stones from our kidneys? These procedures have become normal and routine in our hospitals. A patient remains under effect of anesthesia so there is no feeling of pain, but we all know these are unnatural things and these surely hurt our bodies. For this Ayurveda has devised the procedures of detoxification. We all need these to maintain our bodies and to work properly. Here are few details about all the detoxification diets and herbal remedies according to your doshas.  

Detox Diet According to Your Dosha
If you are Vata Type
  • Take castor oil once in a week to remove all the toxins from your body. (Don't take it while pregnancy, may cause complications)
  • Take Triphala daily in night with warm water.
  • Add some citrus fruits in your list, when going to buy the fruits.
  • Avoid taking the astringent taste in your diet.
  • Drink warm water as much as you can drink in the whole day.
  • Vata are more prone to constipation so you need more care for this, have some herbal food supplements, which can relax your intestines. Use Anti-constipation Capsules Capsules.
  • Add Saindhava Lavana (Rock Slat) in your diet
If you are Pitta Body Type
  • Take Avipattikar Churan and Pitta-Har Churnas daily, just after meals, with water.
  • Take Panchsakaar Churna once in a week.
  • Add some sweet and astringent fruits in your diet.
  • Don't take more fibers in your diet as these may weaken your mucosa, which is already delicate.
  • Don't drink water after meal as you have a lot of secretions inside your body to help you.
  • Avoid taking the Nicotine and Caffeine products, try the herbal teas. Liver-care tea is a best combination for you to remove the toxins from your body
If you are Kapha Body
  • Inertia in your body is more than rest of the body types, so you need a proper detoxification for you.
  • Eat less and eat properly is the first advice for you, so that your body won't store any toxins inside.
  • Drink warm water along with the foods.
  • Have Triphala twice a week in night, before going to bed.
  • Use extra astringent taste in your diet.
  • The key foods for you to remain healthy are those which are easily eliminated from the body.


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