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Ayurvedic Diet: An idea of wholesome eating

All the developments in scientific areas have made our lives easy and luxurious. Today we can enjoy those conditions which were away from dreams of our ancestors. But in this race we have left our joy, feelings and happiness somewhere, centuries back. We are living a very painful life today. We all need solutions for a healthy lifestyle.

Today we have a lot in name of health sciences and medical facilities. We have big surgical rooms where a surgeon can peep into the minutest part of our brains; they are capable to replace the “not-properly” working organs with new organs. Modern medical sciences have almost everything besides happiness of being healthy and health proper.

This is an era of transition. Things are changing very fast. IT revolution has changed the way to think a lot. People want to explore the newer horizons. Intellects of health industry are busy in developing newer and newer things. Today, most ignored concept of modern sciences, health and lifestyle are in hot list. Modern science accepted the concept of Holistic Sciences like Ayurveda, that without a good diet and lifestyle, complete health is a dream only.

Today there are many diet plans available around us – Diet for heart, diet for diabetics, diet for osteoarthritis and much more. Where is the diet for complete human body? Where is the wholesome diet, where is the diet which can nourish your whole body? It really makes sense to care the whole body, when we are targeting the complete health. But things are going towards wrong direction.

These days we have become more and more subjective about the body. We and our physicians feel that more and more specialization is a healthy practice. It seems to so. But reality is some what different when we approach the body with a Wholistic approach. I have changed Holistic in Wholistic. A science which covers every thing related to body is Wholistic. Ayurveda is so. In Ayurveda we cannot differentiate the human body in different parts of specialization. According to Ayurveda a complete Doctor –Vaidya is He, who knows all about human body, all aspects, all horizons of human body. So Ayurveda is more subjective in approach than modern day sciences.

When body is one, all organs and tissues are working for one complete body, then why to think differently about different organs? Diet for diabetic can manage the weight and sugar levels for the body. Special diet for heart can help the cardiac muscles and arteries. These are vital surely but not the only part of body which should be cared. The half knowledge, these diet plans are providing is increasing ignorance. To be more careful for a single organ causes ignorance, ignorance towards rest of the body.

I have seen many examples of all this during my clinical practice. More a person is conscious about health, more he suffers. They are conscious about weight, brain, heart and other vital parts. I found none with a complete consciousness towards complete body and complete health. This weight, brain etc. cause fear of death that is why we think about these only. But death is never a challenge to life. I met a patient of Insomnia last week at my clinic. For him life is to sleep, what he cannot do. He read somewhere that heavy, fatty diet will help him to sleep sound. He started all that. I put a question to him that he might have read it also that the diet he is taking to sleep may cause heart diseases also. He nodded. Then he answered, it is easy to face a death than not to sleep for the whole night. This is a main lacuna in our approach that we are never sure about what we are going to do. This patient was and I felt happy for him.

Second example may lead you to think twice about the altered diet you are taking. The patient I am talking is Mr. Verma, a case of severe obesity. He visited some modern day dietitian. The dietitian prescribed him high fiber diet and he skipped everything from his meal except half cooked veggies and juices. No sugar, no cholesterol and nothing else. Changes were dramatic and that fellow lost almost half of his weight. He met me in a social gathering and I advised him not to do that all. But the miraculous results were amazing him and he went on with the same for next one month or so.  Last week I got a call and on other end it was Mrs. Verma. I was shocked by listening that Mr. Verma has been hospitalized due to blood in vomit. He was diagnosed severe Peptic Ulcer along with Portal Hypertension. Portal hypertension has caused esophageal varices so bleeding was more severe. Moral of this accident is, we should know the difference between ignorance and knowledge.

Mr. Verma is not alone, who is suffering from all this. There are so many people who have gone through same condition. Matter is the information; these health conscious people are collecting. On internet one can find a lot of information, in tons. But this information is altered smartly. People serve as much they need to serve for the sale of their package or diet plan.

I used to amaze about how one can send a diet plan to someone without a personal check up or without taking any history, how best seller books can assure someone for better health? A lot of confusion is here. Last week condition of Mr. Verma asked me to narrate all this about wholesome diet. There is always a reason for a happening.

Let’s first discuss about human body-

What is body basically?

Are we really mechanized as modern sciences think?

We human beings are an outcome of a very planned and organized process of evolution. Evolution started from one single cell living beings- protozoon. These developed in porifera then came coelenterates and we mammals are the last in this chain. We mammals are the ultimate developments of the Mother Nature. Evolution has two important points – one is work division and second is perfection. Perfection comes when there is a smart work division. In protozoon a single cell performs all the vital activities like respiration, digestion, assimilation etc. In mammals these activities are divided among trillions of cells. In protozoon everything was in crude form and in us there is much perfection. Cells work together for a complete human body and these cells make tissues. All the cells are complimentary to the whole body and whole body is complimentary to these cells. Body is nothing, if these cells won’t work properly. So for complete health it is important that each and every cell should work properly.

Second is, are we really mechanized? No, not at all. All the living creatures are blessed with a cosmic/universal intelligence. This natural intelligence resides in all of us in a silent mode. It never interferes in any physical activity, done by body in relation to the external environment. This intelligence holds all the rights to control the behavior of a body on gross level and also that of every cell on minute level. This universal intelligence makes us sure to do things in a right manner. This intelligence, when challenged gives signals. All these diseases and their sign and symptoms are signals from this intelligence, which want to convey that something wrong is going on somewhere inside the body.

So over all it is important that we should have “Wholistic” a wholesome diet, which will nourish each and every part of the body and will lead us to complete health. Health is a matter of the whole body, not of a particular system or an organ.

According to Ayurveda there are six types of tastes- Madhur (Sweet), Amla (Acidic), Lavana (Salty), Katu (Bitter), Tikta (Pungent) and Kashaya (Astringent). These six have different impact on different Doshas. The first three Sweet, Acidic and Salty pacify Vata and have soothing effect on body; last three Bitter, Pungent and Astringent pacify Kapha Dosha and open the blocked channels of the body. Sweet, pungent and astringent is good for Pitta and have cooling effect on the body. This is a common classification.

The main problem is it that this description is available all over the internet and one can access this anywhere. But the next lines are not clear to anyone. The Vata pacifying tastes where pacify Vata, on other hand these are responsible for the aggravation of the Kapha. So excessive use of these tastes will never prove healthy for a Vata person because continuous consumption of these tastes will increase the Kapha and this increased Kapha will occlude all the channels of the body. Once these channels are occluded the free flowing air will be trapped in the channels and this trapped Vata will try to come out. So Vata will aggravate excessively.

This happens mostly and blame comes on Ayurveda. Culprit is not Ayurveda; this is basically the “provide half knowledge strategy of” web marketers.

If not this, what should one do?

Being continued with the example of Vata pacifying tastes, if a person is completely dominated by Vata he should go for Sweet, Acidic and Salty tastes. These three should be in dominance and all three should be added properly in a particular ratio not on a “Guess What” preference. Ayurveda has condemned the excessive use of a single taste and also have advised that one should go for a mixed diet. So add all the tastes in your food and you will be healthy. Ayurvedic Diet has a complete solution for a man, just try to find what the best is. Next time you look for a diet please look for a complete wholesome diet not for an incomplete diet.

At Ayurvedic Diet Solutions we have made all the diet plans in such a way that these should be wholesome completely. Wholesome diet will lead you to the better health and happiness. In our diet plans we have managed to give you the lifestyle information according to your Doshas also. Moreover, we have a new unique feature that is Personalize Ayurveda. In this you will get all the information regarding your diet and lifestyle.

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