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Defeat Depression: Smile Please
Man is a living gadget, who always seeks for the happiness. Happiness is the urge for which man made all the machines and these sky scrapper buildings. Man developed all the comforts and luxuries to remain happy. Man has developed all but today he is missing only one thing that is his happiness. Today we are facing the maximum problems with the depression, anxiety and sorrows. Were we headed towards these? Not really!! But we couldn't define with our selves what is happiness and what can bring happiness for us. Man always thought that happiness stays in the big machines and mechanical comforts. This was the reason why he developed all this. But happiness is something else!
Happiness is a psychological phenomenon not a bodily feeling. And we never tried to find happiness in the mind and related parts? This is the biggest reason that even after being too much potent we are helpless today to enjoy the feeling of happiness.
See the butterflies, birds and animals, they don't possess much materialistic heights, even then they are happy than us. They can enjoy what they have. See a small sparrow, she can sleep anywhere, and man? Man has air-conditioned rooms, soft cushions and everything to sleep properly, but still he is dependent on the drugs to sleep properly? Does it mean that for happiness man should remain in the Stone Age? No! This is not a solution, by saying this perhaps we are questioning those great legends who worked for mankind to make all these facilities for all of us.
What we are lacking is proper vision to live. We feel that we human beings are just like machines, which need proper conditions to work properly and a good quality of fuel (Foods) to remain healthy forever. It is not so! We are linked with the nature by invisible links. The main and foremost link is our foods. Foods are the representatives of nature in our bodies. These link us with the nature and can do a lot for us, what our pills and capsules can't do for us.
Depression, anxiety; these are the diseases of psychology. Then what food can do for these? It is true that foods are part of the materialistic world. But, none can dissect the food and energy, it is also true. This is the reason why the greatest epic for Yoga, Bhagvad Geeta has clearly notified the three categories of the food according to three psychological energies of nature. (to know more about these energies, Click Here)
Nature has blessed us with the superb herbs, which can cure us in many ways. These herbs have a potential for up gradation of energy levels of the body. Following are few tips to defeat the depression:
  • Eat properly and timely. Regularize your timings of foods.
  • Don't consume too much Non-vegetarian food items.
  • Try to take as much as sweet taste in your foods, if you are not diabetics. As carbohydrates are the best food for your brain so sweet can supply the proper amount of food to your deeper nerves.
  • Eat like a cat!! Cats are smart enough in eating behavior. A cat won't eat more than her requirements.
  • Keep your Doshas in harmony by eating right stuff of foods. (know first about your Doshic Diet)
  • Drink warm water as much as you can. Cold freezes your feelings even!!
  • Nature has its own beauty, try to spend few minutes or hours with nature. Don't imprison yourself in walls.
  • Try to start writing a note-book about yourself.
  • Don't tell lie to yourself, about you.
  • Try searching the stress busters, surround you, and plan to solve them.
  • Don't suppress your feelings about anything. It is more important to be happy then to look happy.
  • Meet your friends once or twice in a week.
  • What you sow that you reap, so please don't sow the seeds of anxiety in yourself.
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