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Gokshura: Tribulus terrestris

Increases the strength of the body

Ignites the digestive fire

Cleanses the urinary system

Increases the desire and ability for sex

Useful in removing kidney stones from the body

Useful in management of all urinary disorders including diabetes

Common Name:
Land caltrops (Eng.) or
Puncture wine (Eng.)

Sanskrit Name:

  • Gokshura- As it pricks the feet of the cattle grazing in the grounds
  • Shwadanshtra- Means its spine are very sharp as if they are the canines of a dog
  • Swadukantaka- Means its spines are having the sweet taste
  • Trikantaka- Means in general its fruit has the three spines
  • Vanashringata- As its shape is similar to that of water chestnut
  • Chanadruma- Because its leaves give the looks of those of black gram
  • Ikshugandhika- Means it smells similar to sugarcane

Lt. Name:
Tribulus terristris- Zygophylaceae

Bio energetics:

  • Rasa (Taste)- Madhura (Sweet)
  • Guna (Characteristics)- Guru (Heavy); Snigdha (Unctuous)
  • Veerya (Potency) - Sheeta (Cool and calm)
  • Vipaka (Post digestion effect) - Madhura (Sweet)

Effect of  Gokshura on Tridoshas:
Gokshura pacifies Vata and Pitta Doshas i.e. useful in management of diseases resulting from aggravation of Vata/ Kapha or both.

Therapeutic Uses of Gokshura in Ayurveda:

  • Bala krut - Gokshura increases the strength of the body
  • Vasti shodhana - Gokshura cleanses the urinary system
  • Deepana - Gokshura ignites the digestive fire
  • Vrushya - Gokshura increases the desire and ability for sex
  • Pushtida - Gokshura nourishes the body
  • Ashmari hara - Gokshura helps in removing kidney stones from the body
  • Prahema nuta - Gokshura is useful in management of all urinary disorders including diabetes
  • Shwas kasa haraGokshura is useful in management of respiratory discomfort and cough
  • Arsha nuta - Gokshura is useful in management of hemorrhoids
  • Hrudroga nuta - Gokshura helps in managing heart diseases

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Medicinal value of Gokshura:

  • It is also claimed that Gokshura increases testosterone by increasing gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) which in turn stimulates the production of LH and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). Testosterone, besides its role in muscle-building and raising fertility and libido, is also known to have a positive effect on bone marrow activity (for red blood cell production) and the immune system.
  • On the other hand, one recent study found that Gokshura caused no increase in testosterone or LH in young men, and another found that a commercial supplement containing androstenedione and herbal extracts, including Gokshura, was no more effective at raising testosterone levels than androstenedione alone. Supplement Watch does not consider that there is any scientific evidence for effectiveness in muscle building. It suggests that it may be beneficial for those whose testosterone is below normal, such as dieters and over trained athletes.
  • The active chemical in Gokshura is is likely to be protodioscin (PTN), a cousin to DHEA. In a study with mice, Gokshura  was shown to enhance mounting activity and erection better than testosterone cypionate. This however, isn't as convincing as one might think. Although an OTC supplement outpacing a pharmaceutical is big news, testosterone cypionate is a synthetic ester of testosterone engineered for its longer activity. To be effective, its level must build up in the system of the animal using it. This process usually takes 2–3 weeks. The proerectile aphrodisiac properties were concluded to likely be due to the release of nitric oxide from the nerve endings innervating the corpus cavernosum penis.

Useful part of Gokshura:
Fruit; Roots

Doses of Gokshura:
Powder  - 3-6 gms; Decoction - 50-100 ml

Some combinations with Gokshura:
Gokshuradi choorna; Gokshuradi guggulu; Gokshuradyavaleha; Dashmooladi kwatha; Gokshuradi kwatha 

Some important notes about Gokshura:

  • Gokshura is the best among the herbs useful in painful urination and those pacify the aggravated Vata. (Charaka)
  • In kidney stones Gokshura seed powder should be taken with honey and goat milk. It results in crushing of stone within a week and the crushed stone comes out with urine. (Sushruta)
  • Gokshura powder should be taken with Ashwagandha powder and honey for respiratory discomfort and all edematous conditions. (Raja martanda)

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