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Herbal Supplements

Traditional knowledge of herbs is a unique holistic knowledge. Traditional herbal system promotes the use of herbs as a whole.

Science has also attempted to synthesize phyto-chemicals extracted from plants. However, it appears that these isolated chemicals do not produce the same healing effect as the original plant. Apparently, when whole herb is used (that includes important enzymes, vitamins, minerals, other phyto-chemicals, etc) it is far more beneficial than an isolated phyto-chemical extracted from the plant.

Theoretical knowledge is not always guarantee. Experience is worth so much more than theoretical knowledge by itself.

Traditional herbal knowledge may offer us many benefits; Herbs are also generally safe. Exceptions are usually well-known and are best avoided. Also be aware that negative interactions with other medications are possible.

Our Herbal Supplements are made from the herbs collected from their natural environment and made body friendly for their human usage by processing through natural means. Body- friendly herbal products bring balance in the body without causing any side effects. Here is the range of Herbal Supplements we have invented by continuous research at Atharv Ayur Health Care-
Herbal Supplement  
Low Immunity; Autoimmune Disorders;  Skin & Respiratory Allergies 
Osteoarthritis; Low Bone Density; Impaired Calcium Metabolism 
Hrudya Capsules 
Hypertenssion; Cardiac Disorders  
Insomnia; Disturbes Sleep and other Sleeping disorders 
For Vigor and Vitality 
For Beautiful Skin; A skin Rasyana  
Gurmar Karela Capsules 
To combat the Complications of Diabetes Type II and also good to prevent diabetes. 
2G Capsules 
Gout; Impaired Protein Metabolism 
Rheumotoid Arthritis; Amaa Condition; Painful Joints  
Navagokshru Capsules 
Edema; Anaemia; Urinary and Kidney Problems   
PushkarPippali Capsules 
Bronchial Asthma; Respiratory Disorders; Chronic Cough
Darvibhudhatri Capsules 
Liver Dysfunction; Fibrosis of Liver; Fatty Liver 
Madhvamalaki Capsules 
Hyperacidity; Digestive problems
Paachana Capsules 
Constipation; Flatulence; Gasseous Belching; Low Appetiet 
Vasashrungi Capsules 
Bronchial Asthma 
Tummy Ease Tablets
Flatulence, Heaviness after meals; Mild Constipation 
Dhatupaushtik Capsules 
Enhances Stamina and Increases Vigor and Vitality 
JataBrahmi Capsules 
Neural tonic and Relaxant without any addiction 
TriphalaShilajit Capsules
Stresswin Capsules  
Stress; Anxiety; Depression 

Herbal Supplements when used properly bring the body in natural state of working by removing the wastes and strengthening the body tissues.

Herbal Supplements cure through balance and also improve immunity of the body. 

These Herbal Supplements are according to ancient Ayurvedic knowledge. These are prepared with authentic, time tested methodology of Ayurveda. No chemicals/preservatives are added in these products.
Why Herbal Supplements are important to use:
Whatever conditions we are facing today have a deep relation with nature. Nature is main nutritive source for us, so nothing is unnatural here in this world. Modern medicines claim to be self-evolved. Truth is different. More or less these are also rooted somewhere in these ancient scineces! These botanicals are sanctified with natural powers.
Ayurvedic Herbal Supplements:
Ayurvedic principles to use herbs are bit different from western and chinese herbal system of medicines. Ayurveda Herbal Supplements developed by us are according to Ayurvedic ideology. These are to help healthy persons to maintain their health and to eliminate all the diseases from the body. We don't condemn the modern day medicines in any way as all these systems are complimentary to each other. If you are on medication, these herbal supplements can help you to get rid of side-effects of the allopathic medicines. For example- patients undergoing chemotherapy face a lot of side-effects due to medication. This is now well documented that these herbal supplements increase efficacy of these medicines and also help one to get rid of the side-effects of medication.
Who should take these Herbal Supplements:
This is an important question, we got several queries about this, so it makes sense to answer this question here only. Here is a list, note it-
  • If you are working round the clock and don't have enough time to care your body then it is important for you to take some herbal supplements in routine.
  • You are suffering with recurrent attack of some kind of diseases or allergies then you should go for herbal supplements, so that you can maintain your health properly.
  • If there are signs like- fatigue, nervousness and anxiety in routine with you, then it is important for you to care your body and Herbal Supplements are the best to help you out for that.
  • Women in menopausal or pre and post-menopausal conditions face a lot of ups and downs in their hormonal system so they should start these supplements ASAP. There is no such medicines with modern sciences to help you and Ayurveda can promise you in this regard.
  • In growing age there appears a lot of cahnages in every person so this is the age where a new foundation is built for the future and one should take care of this condition properly.
Over all there are two conditions where one should go for Herbal Supplements-
  1. To maintain the health and to reduce the risk of any disease.
  2. To restore the health, when facing some problems and on medication
Answer for the question that can one take these herbal supplements along with other medications system has been given above. For repeatation it is surely YES.
These herbal supplements can save a lot of your expenditures on your health in future. Be a smart investor. Pay for health not for diseases!!
** These herbal supplements are to maintain the health in indicated conditions, not for Curative purpose or substitute of any medicine!
Testimonials:Herbal Supplements
Dear Doctor,
I am using the "ojowin" and immunity enhancer tea since last three months. To my surprise I am away from all kind of respiratory distress. Every year from December to February i was always suffering from allergies. Blocked nose, uneasy breathing and cough were common. I hava also stopped taking all kind of allopathy anti-allergics and can breathe with ease today. I am happy for the support from Atharv Ayur Health Care!
Rio, Brazil
Gurmar-Karela Capsules
"Who says Diabetic complications cannot be prevented!" When Dr. you told me this I thought that you are also trying to tell me that please buy our product! But you were true. Nubness in my hands, burning of feet and blurred vision all these have been disappeared and I am enjoying my life in a better way!

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