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Irritable bowel syndrome, the name itself is telling what is going on in the disease process i.e. the lining of large are getting irritated by the factor to which it shouldn’t have any problem normally. Is there any thing wrong with the factors involved or the intestinal lining is at fault? Why the lining is being irritated?

In our body two systems come in direct contact with the external environment namely skin and the digestive system. For the maintenance of health it is must for these systems to be sensitive enough to protect the body from the unwanted influence of the environmental changes and take necessary adaptive changes accordingly. As long as this sensitivity is up to a desirable level every thing remains ok and the person enjoys different colors of health.

When these systems become too much sensitive conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome are there. The main reason for these conditions is psychic disturbance. Every one will be amazed about the relation of psychic disturbance with the lining of digestive system specially that of large intestine. There is a brain located in the walls of GIT in the form of Meisnner’s plexus and the plexus of Aurbach. These plexus are having the nerve cells more than there are in our spinal cord and theses can work independently and can decide what should be done when unwanted objects are there in their lumen.

In a person afflicted with the IBS some psychological disturbance is always there, which may in the form of suppressed anger, anxiety, depression, fear, sorrow or urge for sex. These emotional ups and downs disturb these plexuses in the same way as these affect the brain, one located in the cranium. Because of these disturbances lining of the large intestine becomes more sensitive and it starts behaving in such a way to perceive the normal contents of its lumen as abnormal.

This connection of the psychic up – downs with the GIT is not a new concept as Ayurveda has talked about this, thousands of years back. According to Ayurveda sorrow, grief and fear are among the etiologic factors of Atisaar i.e. the passage of loose stool with increased frequency. In its pathogenesis it is said that when a person thinks too much then the heat of the lacrimation – tears cause aggravation of blood resulting in increased frequency of defecation with or with out blood.  The stool may smell foully and there may be nothing more than the mucus in the stool. This condition is termed as Shokaja Atisaar and it is said to take too much time to be cured.

By saying aggravated blood as a factor in its pathogenesis perhaps The Ayurvedic Seers were indicating towards the increased level of hypersensitivity cell – IgG and CD4+ in the blood. These hypersensitivity cells are the prime accuse of the conditions like IBS.

In support of the psychic involvement in the IBS there is found history of physical or sexual abuse in almost all the cases. Women being affected more than men also support the same concept. Besides this there is exacerbation of the symptoms during menstrual period. This further supports the concept of psychic origin of IBS.

In managing IBS the main aim is always to balance the psychic up downs. This is done by applications of herbs which are rich in Sattva Mahaguna, which is responsible for true knowledge, enlightment and balanced psychology.

Some useful herbs in managing IBS:

Some lifestyle management to cope with IBS:

  • Do some breathing exercises daily to calm down the hyper sensitive lining of the large intestine
  • Spent some time on meditation, it will alleviate stress from both the brains; one with in the cranium and second one lying in the gut
  • Diet should contain fibers as well as fats in good amount
  • Take adequate amount of fluids, both excess as well as the deficient amount of fluids are harmful for the normal working of digestive system
  • Consume a good amount of Takra (Indian butter milk) in routine, Takra is said to be nectar for the digestive system
  • Instead of taking heavy meals 2-3 times, take less amount meal more frequently
  • Avoid overly spiced food articles as well as food articles having artificial sweeteners (Like sorbitol) and preservatives
  • Try to consume only seasonal fruits and vegetables


Ayurvedic Treatment for IBS:
If someone will define this era in a word the best word is- Era of the stress. We all are living under the immense stressed conditions and we hardly have some solutions for all this stress. Reason is very clear that we are following stress every where. This might be small things related to the routine or some complexed works of the routine, we all have one or other stress buster surround us. Right from the very beginning of the day these stress busters start attacking on all of us and we are left helpless with these. People used to say that stress follow them until unless they are in bed. But now a days stress follows us even we are sleeping. Dreams have changed in nightmares. 

Human body is designed perfectly for all environmental changes and conditions. The level of the stress we are giving to our body is not up to that level that it can hold it together. Stress alone is a cause of so many diseases and in case of Digestive System, this is very easy for the stress to effect. You can see a disturbed digestive system with a small upset in the psychological level. This might be the Hyperacidity or Loose motions due to the stress and it might be disease like Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Ayurvedic Treatment for IBS is based on the theory of Whole body and we have developed a unique formulation for the same. This is a medicine with fast and accurate results. Here before we share about the medicine with you, we wish to tell you what a satisfied friend told us about the results of the Capsules- 
Hello Dr. Pardeep! I myself am a student of Ayurveda practice. I tried your IBS capsules for my brother, who has been suffering for years. After only 2 days, the problem was over!! He is so excited, now I have his whole family excited about Ayurveda!These words are enough to tell you what effect of Ayurveda is on IBS. We are successfully treating the patients of Irritable Bowel Syndrome with a single medicine. These we call as Anti IBS Capsules.
Anti IBS Capsules are meant to not only sooth the body and digestive system alone, these also work on the Mental part related to the disease. 
Ayurvedic Treatment for IBS is aimed to eradicate the disease from the root, not the alone symptomatic relief. 
In Ayurveda we treat a patient as a whole and this solution works for the complete wellness of a person. 

Anti IBS Capsules 60Capsule
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Anti IBS Capsules 120Capsule
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Dosages of the Capsules: 2 Capsules twice Daily

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