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Kutaki: Picrorhiza kurroa

Scrapes the unnecessary fat out of the body

Ignites the appetite

Useful in all urinary disorders including Diabetes

Alleviates all skin diseases

Cardiac tonic

Useful in respiratory discomfort and cough

Common Name:

Sanskrit Name:

  • Katuka
  • Tikta
  • Katurohini
  • Kandaruha- Means it is in the form of a stem spreading on ground
  • Matsyashakala- Means its rhizome is having skin like that of a fish
  • Chakrangi- Because of spiral marks on it
  • Krishnabhadra- As it is having black complexion on inner side
  • Shataparva- With many joints
  • Katambhara

Lt. Name:
Picrorhiza kurroa- Sacrophulariaceae

Bio energetics:

  • Rasa(Taste)- Tikta(Bitter)
  • Guna(Charactristics)- Laghu(Light); Ruksha(Rough)
  • Veerya(Potency)- Sheeta(Cool and calm)
  • Vipaka(Post digestion effect)- Katu(Pungent)

Chemical composition of Kutaki:
Kutkin is the active principal of Picrorhiza kurroa and is comprised of kutkoside and the iridoid glycoside picrosides I, II, and III. Other identified active constituents are apocynin, drosin, and nine cucurbitacin glycosides. Apocynin is a catechol that has been shown to inhibit neutrophil oxidative burst in addition to being a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, while the curcubitacins have been shown to be highly cytotoxic and possess antitumor effects.

Effect of  Kutaki on Tridoshas:
Kutaki pacifies the Kapha and Pitta Doshas i.e. it is useful in management of diseases resulting from aggravation of Kapha/ Pitta or both.

Therapeutic Uses of Kutaki in Ayurveda:

  • Bhedaniya- Laxative
  • Lekhaniya- Kutaki scrapes the unnecessary fat out of the body
  • Stanya shodhana- Kutaki purifies the lactation
  • Deepana- Appetizer
  • Hrudya- Cardiac tonic
  • Prameha hara- Kutaki useful in all urinary disorders including Diabetes
  • Shwas- kasa hara- Kutaki useful in respiratory discomfort and cough
  • Kushthaghna- Kutaki alleviates all skin diseases
  • Krimipranut-Kutaki kills the infectious agents
  • Dahajit- Alleviates burning sensation and fire component from the body
  • Vishama jwaranashini- Kutaki is useful in intermittent fever

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Medicinal value of Kutaki:

  • The major constituents in Kutaki are the glycosides picroside I, kutkoside, androsin, and apocynin. They have been shown in animal studies to be antiallergic, to inhibit platelet-activating factor (an important pro-inflammatory molecule), and to decrease joint inflammation. According to test tube and animal studies, picrorhiza has antioxidant actions, particularly in the liver.  It has also been shown to protect animals from damage by several potent liver toxins, offering protection as good as or better than silymarin (the flavonoids found in milk thistle). However, it does not have the amount of human research as silymarin. Picrorhiza has also shown to reduce formation of liver cancer due to chemical exposures in animal studies.
  • A series of cases of acute viral hepatitis in India were reportedly treated successfully by a combination of picrorhiza with a variety of minerals. A number of similar reports have appeared in Indian literature over the years. No double-blind clinical trials have yet been published, however.
  • Two preliminary trials suggest that picrorhiza may improve breathing in asthma patients and reduce the severity of asthma. Although, a follow-up double-blind trial did not confirm these earlier trials.
  • A preliminary trial conducted in India found a small benefit for people with arthritis (primarily rheumatoid arthritis).
  • Picrorhiza in combination with the drug methoxsalen was found in a preliminary trial to hasten recovery in people with vitiligo faster than those receiving methoxsalen and sun exposure alone.

Useful part of Kutaki:
Dry rhizome

Doses of Kutaki:
Powder- 1-2 gm;

Some combinations with Kutaki:
Aarogyavardhini vati; Katukadya loha; Tiktadi kwatha; Tiktadi ghruta

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