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Lifestyle Disorders
We human beings are the small units of this universe. When one is in proper tuning with rest of the world, he remains healthy and happy and when there is any disturbance in this harmony diseases appear. Lifestyle decides a lot about our relationship with rest of the universe as what we do is a reaction to our surroundings. And according to Newton every action has a reaction, same happens with the body. We do good with the nature and our body, we get good, no chance for good after doing bad.
Lifestyle disorders are a big problem for our society today. Once these were bacteria and Viruses, who were the prime killers, but now a days we human beings are proving biggest killers for ourselves. Today more than five of ten biggest killing diseases are caused by carelessness, ignorance and irregularities of our own. Perhaps we can lower the death rate by ourselves.
Among lifestyle disorders following are most endangering to human beings now a days.
  • Obesity
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Spinal Problems
  • Carcinomas of different body parts
  • Dementia, depression and anxiety.

This is a shortened list of the diseases, the whole list is infinite as all the diseases known till date have the input from Lifestyle and Diet always. So by planning your Daily Routine and Seasonal Routine you can maintain your health properly, without paying a single penny!!

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 "Body is like a oil lamp, lightened in the open air. One should take care of this lamp properly, without any ignorance, so that world can be enlightened by one"


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