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Before operating every machine you prefer to read the manual with that machine, for better understanding of the machine. Manual makes it easy to handle the machine, minimize maintenance cost and makes the machine durable. Oops! the most delicate machine of the world human body doesn't come with the manual, to understand it easily. Ayurveda is the manual for the human body, it tells how to manage this delicate machine properly. For this they have given proper guidelines to all of us to maintain the life in a beautiful way. If one will maintain this machine, no doubt the cost on the diseases will be lesser and we will enjoy more healthy times and a longer life.
We all are the part of this infinite cosmos. What we do, how we do, decides our relations with the all of our surroundings. When this all happens in a fashion, the fashion which can allow us to do better with this machine. Fashions become style, the style of life through which we can live more and healthy is basically known as lifestyle. For modern era health professional lifestyle is proper clothing, eating healthy and drinking pure waters. It can maintain the materialistic body only, but we human beings are not only materialistic, we are also energetic. Not only matter is important to handle, but also the energy part is. Ayurveda is concerned about both of these parts, it makes Ayurveda a Holistic Medicine, in my words it is "Wholistic" (Covering all the spheres of life) more than the Holistic!!
By Adopting a particular lifestyle, life becomes punctual. Punctual life is the most important factor for all of us. As you can't run a machine over a limit of hours, but you run your own machine without any hindrance and without resting for a minute even. You feel that it is your capability to work for long hours. This is your negligence towards your health and your own body. Stop ignoring smaller issues about your health. These small things will collaborate with each other and one day there will be a big disease, waiting for you on some door of age!
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