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Nirgundi: Vitex negundo

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Useful in all emaciating and under nutrition conditions
Improves memory
Highly beneficial for eye sight
Rejuvenates hair
Useful in management of skin diseases
Alleviates loss of appetite
Useful in management of excessive bleeding during menstruation

Common Name:
Five leaved Chaste (Eng.)

Sanskrit Name:

  • Nirgundi - One that protects the body from different diseases
  • Samhalu
  • Meudi

Lt. Name:
Vitex negundo; Verbenaceae

Bio Energetics:

  • Rasa (Taste) - Katu (Pungent); Tikta (Bitter)
  • Guna (Characteristics) - Laghu (Light); Ruksha (Rough)
  • Veerya (Potency) - Ushna (Warm)
  • Vipaka (After digestion effect) - Katu (Pungent)

Chemical composition of Nirgundi:

The leaves contain fragrant, volatile oil and resins. The fruits contain resins, astringent organic acids, alkaloids and a pigment. The plant also contains alkaloids, glycosides, flavonoids, reducing sugars, sterols, resin and tannins. From seeds-n-triacontane, n-hentriacontane, n-pentatriacontane, n-nonacosane, sitosterol, p-hydrobenzoic acid and 5- oxyisophthalic acid isolated. Also, 3, 4- dihydroxybenzoec acid is isolated from seeds. Vanillic acid, p-hydroxybenzoic acid and luteolin are isolated from bark. From essential oil pinene, limonene, camphene, phellandrene, methylheptanone, cumene, linalool, camphor, 4-terpineol, citral, caryophylline oxide, caryophyllene, terpinyl acetate, benzal – dehyde & cinnamaldehyde identified. Nishinaside and regundiside isolated from leaves.

Effect of Nirgundi on Tridoshas:

Vitex negundo pacifies aggravated Vata and Kapha i.e. it can be used in all diseases caused by either of Vata or Kapha; or both.

Home Remedial Uses of Nirgundi Powder in Ayurveda:

  • Smrutida - Smrutida means a natural supplement which improves the memory. Nirgundi Powder is one of the best Vata pacifier Ayurveda herb and a recommended supplement to improve memory.
  • Keshya - Vitex negundo rejuvenates hair; a good dietary supplement for long hairs.
  • Netrahita - Nirgundi also nourishes the eyes; a natural remedy to improve vision and for beautiful eyes.
  • Shoola shotha hara - Vitex negundo is useful in all conditions causing pain and edema in body
  • Krumihara - Nirgundi is an anti infectious and anti microbial Ayurveda herb.
  • Kushthahara - Vitex negundo Powder nourishes the skin and benefits a lot in skin diseases
  • Pleeha Jayet - Pleeha means spleen. As Vitex negundo corrects the metabolism and it is the disturbed metabolism which is responsible for spleen enlargement. so it is a natural remedy for enlarged spleen.
  • Aruchi Jayet - Aruchi or loss of interest in eating is the resultant of toxins present in the body. Vitex negundo Powder stimulates appetite and a recommended Ayurveda herb for loss of appetite
  • Kshayapaha - Because of its nutritive value Vitex negundo is useful in all emaciating and under nutrition conditions
  • Kasa Siddhida - Vitex negundo is the drug of choice for cough as it pacifies the Vata Dosha and supports the respiratory system.
  • Pradara Harini - Vitex negundo is a recommended Ayurveda supplement for heavy bleeding during periods.

Useful part of Nirgundi:

Leaves; Roots; Seeds

Doses of Nirgundi:

Powder of roots: 3-6 gm; Powder of seeds: 3-6 gm

Some combinations of Nirgundi Powder in Ayurveda:

Nirgundi Kalpa; Nirgundi Tail

Best Recommended Uses of Nirgundi Powder in Ayurveda:

  • When Ghruta (Clarified Indian butter) treated with juice of Vitex negundo is taken in routine it is said that even an emaciated body becomes disease free and glowing.
  • In sinus (wound having one opening and spreading in) and non healing wound Sesame oil treated with Vitex negundo juice should be taken orally and as nasal drops and massage.
  • In any type of pain in back juice of Nirgundi should be taken.

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