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Panchakarma Kits: 
All over the world trend of Panchakarma is increasing day by day and more and more people are getting attracted towards Panchakarma Treatments. Similarly there are many schools of Panchakarma all around the world nowadays, which are giving knowledge of Panchakarma to the students. But there are still some practical problems for new students or even old professionals in practicing the Panchakarma. The main problems is that Professionals, who are practicing Ayurveda never get proper materials for doing Panchakarma and they just look for the alternatives, to do some procedures. The best example of the same is the Bastis! In most of the western countries there is no Black Gram Flour and people keep on using different things like Wheat Flour or something else. This is good to look for some alternatives and to imply these properly. But when we are looking for some solutions- we used to loose our main directions and this happens with all of us daily and in routine! For this we have researched a lot to solve this issue and finally we have some Solutions with us...not Diet solutions...these are Panchakarma Solutions this time. After bringing some beautiful Panchakarma Equipments we were busy in looking for some other solutions for the Ayurvedic Community all over the world.
We don't believe in Alternatives or Options.....we believe in Authentic Things and that is the reason we are doing it with all perfection!
Here are many products for the same purpose. 
These all products are for professionals who are practicing Ayurveda or for the students of Ayurveda who wish to start their practices. 

For Weight Loss
For Celulitis
For Detox 
Navar Kizhi Kit (Shali Shashtik Pinda Swedam)
Matra Basti Kit
Facial Kit
Vata Skin Type
Pitta Skin Type
Kapha Skin Type
Scrub Kit
This is the most important thing to be used in the Panchakarma Procedures. All kind of external Bastis require a good amount of Black Gram Flour. This is bean which is found in India and is also known as Urad Dal. Black Gram Flour is too sticky to hold the oil with in its boundaries. This level of stickiness makes Black Gram Flour compatible to be used in the practice for making the boundaries of the Basti Puta, where we hold the oils for doing some treatments of the External Panchakarma. Black Gram Flour is used in the following procedures of Panchakarma- 
  • Kati Basti
  • Greeva Basti 
  • Hrudya Basti
  • Nabhi Basti
  • Janu Basti 
  • Akshi Tarpana/ Netra Basti
  • Shiro Basti
So this is a must to have product for every Ayurveda Therapist or professional of Ayurveda. We have Black Gram Flour in two packings- 1/2 Lbs and 1 Lbs. Black Gram Flour is a fine powder without any husk so that you can do your procedures easily and can make the dough of this flour properly.
Black Gram Flour
1/2 Lbs 
14.98 USD
Black Gram Flour
1 Lb
25.98 USD
If you want to have more quantity, please mail us from Contact Us page and let us to know about your requirement.
A treatment of choice for all kind of Neuromuscular problems, Patra Pottali is one of the eminent system to treat the different conditions. Herbs, spices, lemon and grated coconut is being used in this treatment. All these materials are filled inside the bags of cloth and then it is used by dipping in the oil and heating up continuously. 
Patra Pottali treatment gives quick relieve in painful conditions and helps the patient to get rid of the stiffness in the body.  Patra Pottali is beneficial in following conditions:
  • Chronic back pain,
  • Loss of function of a part or whole limb,
  • Joint stiffness and swellings,
  • Sciatica,
  • Spondylosis,
  • Sprains and cramps,
  • Muscular pain
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Neuralgia,
  • Neck problems.

This procedure is also Anti-aging & rejuvenating

A Patra Pottali Kit will  Contain:

Four Ready Made Bags of the Patra Pottali with Concentrated- 101 times cooked 2 Pieces of Dhanvantram Oil (10 ml). One kit can be used for seven to ten days for a patient, regularly.

Patra Pottali Kit
One Set
72.80 USD
Including Shipping Charges
Patra Pottali Kit
Two Set
135.50 USD
Including Shipping Charges

Udvartana is commonly known as Powder Massage. This is done to eliminate the toxins from the body. In Udarvatana many powdered herbs and grains are used. These are used in different mediums like Curd (Yogurt), Honey or Oil. Generally these all powders are not available everywhere in world and by replacing the items or herbs we loose the effect of the Udvartana, what it should be. Udvartana is done for the following uses- 
For Weight Loss 
For Cellulitis
For Detox Purpose
AyurvedicDietSolutions.com is run by a team of Ayurveda Physicians, which makes this website more practical, as we all understand what the problems one faces clinically and practically and what is the best solution for these problems. We started with a single Udvartana Powder and we concluded with three types of the Udvartana Powders for all of you...this is what we use at our clinics and it has satisfied all of our patients and soon you will also be satisfied. Here are the Udvartana Powders for different conditions- 
1. For Weight Loss: 
Udvartana Powder for weight Loss contains- 
Kulath (Horse Grain) 
Shunthi (Zingiber officinalis)
Yava Churna (Barley) 
Besan (Chick Pea Powder)
Kola Powder
Udvartana with this powder helps in reducing the weight...removes toxins from the body. Weight Loss Udvartana Powder also helps in reducing the extra cholesterol and lipids from the body. We have two packing of the same here with us- 
Udvartana Powder
Weight Loss 1/2 Lb
19.95 USD
 Udvartana Powder
Weight Loss 1 Lb 
37.90 USD
For Cellulitis: 
Udvartana Powder for Cellulitis contains- 
Yava Churna
Haridra Churna 
Manjistha Churna
khadira Churna
Kola Churna
This is good for remove the toxins and helps in pacifying the Cellulitis. This is should be applied with Rose Water and Olive Oils. This is also available in two presentations: 
 Udvartana Powder
Cellulitis 1/2 Lb
21.23 USD
 Udvartana Powder
Cellulitis 1 Lb
40.50 USD

For Detox Purpose:
This Udvartana Powder contains- 
Yava Churna
This is the best Udvartana powder for the persons full of Ama in their bodies. Udvartana with this powder will help a person to get rid of all the problems of the Ama and other toxins and he/she will feel the body very light and healthy. 
 Udvartana Powder
Detox 1/2 Lb
18.90 USD
 Udvartana Powder
Detox 1 Lb
35.89 USD
COMBO PACK OF ALL THE THREE: In this there will be 1/2 Lb of each in this pack
1/2 Lb of each
Wight Loss
Detox & Cellulitis Powders
Only 57.89 USD
Instead of 60.08 USD 
For Bulk inquiries mail us @ pardeep@ayurvedicdietsolutions.com
Navar Kizhi Kit
This is a procedure for Vata and Pitta ailments. Navar is a special rice- which ripens with in sixty days. This is also known as Shali Shashtika. Navar is the best available rice in the world according to Ayurveda. Researches on Navar have proven that- Navar is full of nutrition and is acceptable to the human body- very easily. According to Ayurvedic text, Navar is the best for the bones and muscles and also good in pacifying all the three Doshas. This Navar is processed with the Milk and Decoction of the Bala Root (Sida Cordifolia) and once it is processed well- it is filled in the bags of cloth. After making the bags of the rice- these bags are dipped in the milk and decoction of the Sida Cordifolia and massage is done all over the body in the pattern of Abhayanga. 
This procedure of massage with these processed Navara Rice bags is known as Navar Kizhi. Kizhi stands for the bags so the massage done by the bags of the Navar is known as Navar Kizhi. This is also known as Shanli Shashtika Pinda Sweda in Sanstrit. 

This is a beneficial procedure for the different ailments and is being done on all of our centers for the following conditions- 
Muscular Dystrophy
Cerebral Palsy 
Weakness of the muscles
Problems of the Joints
Motor Neuron Diseases
Neurological Disorders 
Polio Myelitis
For Skin Toning
For Rejuvenations

These are the benefits of the Navar Kizhi and from the list this is clear that how much important this Panchakarma Procedure is really. But there are few practical problems with this procedure of Panchakarma.
  1. Non-availability of the Good type of Navar Rice
  2. Time to process the Navar in milk
  3. Processing of the Navar in the Bala decoction
  4. Proper steaming of the rice
These are some of the main problems, which appear in the practical use of this Panchakarma Procedure of Navar Kizhi. Second main problem is that you need almost three hours to prepare these bags of rice to perform this Panchakarma procedure on your clients. All these practical problems make it (Navar Kizhi) a least used procedure all around the world. 
On AyurvedicDietSolutions.com we are committed to the best solutions of Ayurveda and for that we have brought these Navar Kizhi Bags ready made for you. For this we do the following things for you- 
  1. We process the best type of Navar Rice with Cow's Milk
  2. After processing these with Cow's Milk we process the same rice with decoction of the Bala. 
  3. Now after these- we dry up the rice and make the powder of these.
  4. Once powdered- we make the bags of this powder. 
This is the authentic process through which we make the Navar Kizhi Kit. Along with these bags in the kit we will provide you the Powdered Bala Root so that you can add the milk in it and can prepare the Kizhi (Bags) for the procedure of Navar Kizhi with in five minutes. 
Along with your easiness, we are committed to do all Authentic things for you so that your clients will be happy for you and you will gain a lot of name and fame in the same process. 
A set of the Navar Kizhi will have 2 bags and Bala Root Powder. These two bags can work for a patient for more than 2-3 days if these are being used properly and stored properly. All information about storing and using of the bags will be mailed to you along with the Kit:
 Navar Kizhi Kit 
One Set
28.90 USD
 Navar Kizhi
Two Set
54.91 USD
 Navar Kizhi Kit 
Four Sets
104.50 USD
 If you wish to have this Kit in Bulk and wish to be our distributor in your region, mail us on- marketing@ayurvedicdietsolutions.com
Facial Kit
Face is the index of the body and every body wish to have a glowing face to look beautiful. All the Panchakarma facilities should have a unit for the same, so that a person will look beautiful along with health. We have developed the facial kits for different skin types and for different purposes. All the facial kits are complete and you just need to mix the things together.
These all Facial Kits will have the following items together- 
1. Face Pack Powder
2. Media to make a solution
3. Face Oil
4. A unique scrubber
We have worked for years to give your skin a pleasant look and all our efforts are result of continuous research and the Eternal Wisdom of Ayurveda. We have used these regularly for one year on our Ayurveda & Panchakarma Centers and finally we have brought these for you to use on your clients and of course on yourself also and we are suer that you will love to use these kits. We have different types of these kits for all of you and we will make it sure that we will be perfect on your expectations. Here are the different Facial Kits for you-
1. Vata Skin Type: 
For a dry, scaly and rough skin. We have added some miraculous things in this pack for you and ingredients are- Face Pack contains-  
Fuller's Earth 
Yashtimadhu (Glychherizea Glabra)
Manjistha (Rubia Cordifolia)
Bala (Sida Cordifolia)
Rasna (Pluchea Lanceolata)
Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula)
Daruharidra (Berberis Aristata)
Jatamansi (Nardostchys Jatamansi)
Media- Pure Honey

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