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Shallaki: Boswellia serrata

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Fortifies all the systems of the body
Rejuvenates the skin
Useful in managing excessive bleeding per vaginum
Corrects both digestion and assimilation so that the feces are of normal color as by seeing the color of feces it is easy to tell one's metabolic status
Helps a lot in management of hemorrhoids

Common Name:
Indian olibanum tree

Sanskrit Name:

  • Shallaki
  • Susrava- Means it has a resin exudate with a pleasant odor
  • Gajabhakshya- Means the elephants eat its leaves with great interest
  • Subaha
  • Surabhi- Because of its pleasant odor resin exudate
  • Maheruna
  • Kunduruki
  • Vallaki

Lt. Name:
Boswellia serrata- Burseraceae

Bio energetics:

  • Rasa (Taste)- Kashaya (Astringent);Tikta (Bitter); Madhura (Sweet)
  • Guna (Characteristics)- Laghu (Light); Ruksha (Rough)
  • Veerya (Potency)- Ushna (Warm)
  • Vipaka (Post digestion effect)- Katu (Pungent)

Chemical composition of Shallaki:

The gum oleoresin consists of essential oils, gum, and terpenoids. The terpenoid portion contains the boswellic acids that have been shown to be the active constituents in Boswellia serrata.

Effect of Shallaki on Tridoshas:

Kapha-Pittashamaka (Pacifies Kapha and Pitta)

Home Remedial Uses of Shallaki Capsules in Ayurveda:

  • Purishavirajaniya- Boswellia serrata Capsules impart/ maintain the normal coloration of the feces i.e. it corrects both digestion and assimilation so that the feces are of normal color as by seeing the color of feces it is easy to tell one's metabolic status
  • Atisarjit- As said above Boswellia serrata Capsules improve the digestion and assimilation of foods; it also possesses astringent action. Both of these help in better absorption of fluids and the digested foods. This makes it a recommended dietary supplement for diarrhea, dysentery and assimilatory disorders.
  • Shirovirechana- Boswellia serrata Capsules are useful in therapeutic cleansing of the body parts above the clavicle level. This area is the resident area of Kapha Dosha in our body. So in this way Shallaki Capsules is one of the best Ayurveda herb to harmonize Kapha Dosha as it expels the extra Kapha out of the body.
  • Raktapitta hara- As per Ayurveda Rakta - the blood is very compatible with the Pitta Dosha as both are having the hot potency. When these two are associated with each other; the result is bleeding disorders. By breaking the association of Pitta and Rakta; Boswellia serrata Capsules prove to be one of the best natural remedy for bleeding disorders like excessive bleeding during periods, bleeding piles, bleeding diarrhea, bleeding gums etc.
  • Vranahara- Boswellia serrata is one of the best Ayurveda herb to promote healing of wounds and ulcers.
  • Pushtikrit- Shallaki Capsules rejuvenates all the systems of the body
  • Twachya- Boswellia serrata Capsules nourishes the skin, gives it healthy looks and benefits in skin diseases.
  • Arshonashini- As said above Boswellia serrata Capsules corrects the digestive system in all aspects. Arsha - Piles are the resultant of disturbed digestive system so Shallaki capsules are the best natural remedy for piles.
  • Pradara shantikrit- Boswellia serrata Capsules are very beneficial in bleeding disorders. It is one of the best natural remedy for heavy bleeding during periods.

Reasearch done on Shallaki Powder:

  • Recent reports show that Boswellia serrata can be useful in joint pain and back pain and can even help in cases where steroids are needed by offsetting some of the symptoms of the problems and therefore helping the patient to use a lower steroid dose.
  • Research has identified specific active anti-inflammatory ingredients in Boswellia serrata, which are commonly referred to as boswellic acids. In animal studies, these acids have been shown to significantly reduce inflammation in several ways. They deter inflammatory white cells from infiltrating damaged tissue. They improve blood flow to the joints. And they also block chemical reactions that set the stage for inflammation to occur in chronic intestinal disorders such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.
  • When tested on Ehrlich ascites carcinoma and S-180 tumors transplanted in mice, it increased the life span of mice by 24% with ascites and decreased S-180 tumor by 24%. The essential oil of Boswellia serrata was found to be anti-fungal. Anti-inflammatory activity and anti-bacterial activity of extracts have been demonstrated.
  • The non-phenolic fraction of gum resin exhibited sedative and analgesic effects when tested in rats.
  • Boswellia serrata is used in rheumatic disorders. It is also used to improve appetite and in general weakness. It has an anti-diarrheal action.

Useful part of Shallaki:

Exudate resin; bark

Doses of Shallaki:

Resin- 2-3 gm; Decoction of the bark- 50-100 ml

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