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Vasaka: Adhatoda vasica

Useful in Respiratory discomfort specially asthmatic conditions
Useful in acute as well as chronic cough
Increases air component in the body
Useful in all types of skin diseases
Useful in emaciation, under-nutrition and all similar conditions
Useful in bleeding tendencies

Common Name:
Malabar nut (Eng.)

Sanskrit Name:

  • Vasa
  • Vasaka
  • Vasika - Means one which covers a large area, here area coverage stands for a protective cover on the body
  • Singhasya- Means a plant having flowers like the mouth of the lion
  • Vajidanta-Means a plant having white flowers like the teeth of a horse
  • Vrusha- Means one that showers the honey i.e. having a lot of nectar
  • Aatrushaka

Lt. Name:
Adhatoda vasica- Acanthaceae

Bio energetics:

  • Rasa (Taste)- Tikta (Bitter); Kashaya (Astringent)
  • Guna (Characteristics)- Laghu (Light); Ruksha (Rough)
  • Veerya (Potency)- Sheeta (Cool and calm)
  • Vipaka (Post digestion effect)- Katu (Pungent)

Chemical composition of Vasaka:
The principle constituents of Vasaka are its several alkaloids, the chief one being vasicine. The leaves contain two major alkaloids called vasicine and vasicinone2,3. The pharmacological activities of vasicine and vasicinone are well known. Recent investigations on vasicine showed bronchodilatory activity comparable to theophylline, both in vitro and in vivo. Both the alkaloids in combination showed pronounced bronchodilatory activity. Vasicine also exhibits strong respiratory stimulant activity. There has also been a report of thrombopoetic4 (platelet-increasing) activity with vasicine. Uterine stimulant activity and moderate hypotensive activity of the alkaloids have been observed. The leaves of Vasaka are rich in vitamin C, carotene and an essential oil. A study showed that Mycobacterium tuberculosis was inhibited by the essential oil (at a specific concentration).

Effect of  Vasaka on Tridoshas:
Vasaka pacifies Kapha and Pitta Dosha so it can be effectively used in managing the diseases resulting from Kapha and Pitta aggravation.

Therapeutic Uses of Vasaka in Ayurveda:

  • Shwashara- Vasaka is useful in Respiratory discomfort especially asthmatic conditions
  • Kasahara- Vasaka is useful in acute as well as chronic cough
  • Chhardihara- Vasaka alleviates nauseatic conditions
  • Vatakrit- Vasaka increases air component in the body
  • Swarya- Vasaka improves voice
  • Hrudya- Cardiac tonic
  • Trid hrit- Vasaka alleviates excessive thirst
  • Kushthahara- Vasaka is useful in all types of skin diseases
  • Kshayapaha- Vasaka is useful in emaciation, under-nutrition and all similar conditions
  • Raktapittahara- Vasaka is useful in bleeding tendencies

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Medicinal value of Vasaka:

  • Adhatoda vasica is useful in treating bronchitis, tuberculosis and other lung and bronchiole disorders.
  • A decoction of the leaves of Vasaka may be used to help with cough and other symptoms of colds. The soothing action helps irritation in the throat and the expectorant will help loosen phlegm deposits in the airway.
  • A poultice of the leaves of Vasaka may be applied to wounds for their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The poultice is also helpful in relieving rheumatic symptoms when applied to joints.
  • Vasaka has been used to control both internal and external bleeding such as peptic ulcers, piles and bleeding gums.
  • Vasaka exhibits antispasmodic, expectorant and blood purifying qualities. Adhatoda vasica has also been used to speed delivery during childbirth.

Useful part of Vasaka:
Leaves, flowers and roots

Doses of Vasaka:
Powder of leaves- 3-6gms

Some combinations with Vasaka:
Vasavaleha, Vasarishta, Vasa panaka, Vasa chandanadi tail 

Some important notes about Vasaka:

  • One who takes Vasak in routine, lives a life free  all diseases specially bleeding tendencies, emaciation and cough.

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