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Ayurveda Courses
Do you wish to learn Ayurveda?
You have completed some online courses/correspondence courses but not sure about many things and want an exposure to the practicals of Ayurveda?
Have you decided a future in Ayurveda field and wish to go for some sort of Ayurveda Courses?
Are you fed up by searching some good Ayurveda course?
Do you wish to go for Real, Authentic and Actual Ayurveda, you are at a right place-
The science is the light for elucidation; the vision is ones own intellect. Thy physician, well endowed with both, errs not in treatment!!

                           (Charaka Samhita)

5000 years back a research was done for the maintenance of health, in great Himalayas by holy seers. They were the authorities who had freed themselves from passion and ignorance by means of Spiritual Endeavor and Knowledge, whose understanding, embracing the past, present and future was pure and timeless.

We have brought back that great knowledge, with out playing with its real form.

Unique with us:-

  • Ayurveda is an ancient science and sometimes when we are explaining the “old” concepts to today generation. It becomes hard for the students to palate the things easily. For this we have planned to discuss a particular topic after the delivery of the topic to the student, when student has completed the topic. So that questions coming in the brain of a student shouldn’t be left as it is. Because during online studies it is a general problem that after study materials has been delivered they are ignored. So we will deliver lectures one by one and after each lecture matter will be discussed.
  • This is the same way to study Ayurveda as Charka also states that when one wants to learn any text there are three simultaneous way these are- to study, to teach and to discuss the topic with persons having same knowledge.
  • We are teaching you and latter on we will offer you a chance to edify others when your courses will be complete. Discussion forum is a place for open discussion for all of us. Once you are registered with us for courses you will be able to discuss anything in the forum. Beside this you can put your queries to experts any time. Those will be solved.
  • We will give full time, once you are registered with us means you are associated with us for whole life.
  • After the courses we will help you in setting up your own hospitals and spas any where on the globe.
  • During the practice if you face any problem, our team will assist you. Medicines and other requirements will be fulfilled on a specail reasonable price for you.
Some other features of Ayurveda Courses by us-
  • Personal teaching by our esteemed teaching team
  • Orientation on Authentic Ayurveda
  • We will only consult the original texts of Ayurveda, no self-made theories and exploitation of basic and authentic Ayurvedic text.
  • Books we are consulting with our students, are- Charaka, Sushruta and Astanga, so you will get original literature and original understanding of all subjects.
  • Practical session under guidance of well learned teachers only.
  • We will expose you to originality of Ayurveda.
  • Group Discussion on every discussed topic
  • Open sessions: to put forward all queries
  • Assessment of students on regular basis
  • Study materials will be provided at the centre for these Ayurveda Courses.
  • These are few, what we can share with you, list is unlimited.
Atharv Ayur Health Care has decided to start with In house Ayurveda Courses at our Jaipur Centre of Ayurveda. This centre is located centrally in pink city and is well equipped with a classroom, panchakarma units for male and female patients. Our main strength is our team of Ayurveda Teachers led by Dr. Pardeep Sharma. In the mean time association with foreign institutions of study was a great move for us. It gave us proper vision and understanding of the problems in field of Ayurveda!
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Message From Director
We had the queries from round the globe, since last two years, students were asking for course material, study programs and we kept silence. Silence doesn't mean no or negative, we were evaluating the interest of people in us and were looking for better solutions for students. In name of Ayurveda "Tourism and Ayurveda" are clubbed and itnerary for Ayurveda Courses are planned in a way, so that students can roam and enjoy different sights!
Online courses are available almost with every website of Ayurveda. We planned to go for the same in start, but after studying things properly, we found that Ayurveda is a practical science and practical cannot be learnt from some notes or study material. Secondly, Ayurveda is written in Sanskrit and to translate it in different languages, may be succesful upto an extent only. In the process of translation meanings change and these changes, change the whole meaning of the subject! With an ancient language like Sanskrit these changes and miss-interpertations are just common. The same things when taught face to face to the students, these are dubbed properly and real meaning of the subject is maintained. This is what, we have found in exclusive research since last two years. We bought different courses and read them properly and much more did in this course.
Finally, I agree to my team and we are commencing In house as well as correspondence Ayurveda Courses.
Registration is open now and seats are limited. Go for the registration now and you will be rewarded with real, authentic Ayurveda!
May Lord Dhanvantri Bless you all!
Jai Ayurveda
Dr. Pardeep Sharma
Students from Brazil (Students who only know Portugese-contact Mr. Jose Luiz or Dr. Lorena, these are represetnatives of Atharv Ayur Health Care's education program @ Brazil.
Students from Chile are advised to contact Dr. Miguel Cordova, cordinator Atharv Ayur Health Care's education program. Visit our collaborative website- www.ayurveda-today.com for more details!