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Ayurvedic Diet Plans & Lifestyle Guide
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Vata Diet Plan & Lifestyle Guide
You feel impulsive all times and feel bit crazy yourself sometimes and sometimes depressed and anxious. So your Vata is creating problems with you and you should go for these guidelines as your diet and lifestyle management can give you a lot to maintain your health and to get the harmony in your body and with your surroundings.
Pitta Diet Plan & Lifestyle Guide
Hot flushes, acidic reflux, hypersensitive skin, yellowness in your eyes and on the nails, burning sensation in tongue, urine or in stool. Or if you know that you are Pitta body type, then go for these diet and the extra heat in your body will be no more!!
Kapha Diet Plan & Lifestyle Guide
Lethargy, slow, less energetic and feels dull even in the heat of the time. You are not able to loose even a single pound after the work out of hours and you feel yourself "paused" always. You cannot sweat a single drop even for that you will have to spend hours at Gym this is why you hardly excretes the waste so this diet plan is for you!!
Diabetes Diet Plan & Lifestyle Guide
Diabetes is not that much deadly as its complications are, so it is used to  be said about the Diabetes that it is better if one can control it and can avoid the complications. Diet and Lifestyle are the most important factors for the Diabetics and this diet plan guides you well to maintain your body, so that you can live healthy and happily!!
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Obesity Diet Plan & Lifestyle Guide
To obese is a pain!! A social, personal and professional pain. Hangging tummy overshadows your personality and makes you fussy even you are witty at your nerves. You have tried all and every possible way but why not according to Doshas too once. Why cannot "you" maintain and manage your weight....you can for sure, with Ayurveda!!
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Cholesterol Management Diet Plan & Lifestyle Guide
Once milk and fats were known for the vigor and vitality!! Does these changed? No way, these are we who'd changed a lot and this is the reason why we are facing occluded arteries and increased lipids. Don't you wish to  know the solutions, from the most ancient wisdom of health, who was nourished in a country where milk and fats are still served a lot and harms less?
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Cardio-Care Diet Plan & Lifestyle Guide
"My heart will go on...." a great composition from movie Titanic. But now a days hearts are weeker and are not ready to go on with us!! Reason is, our diet, lifestyle and many more, not our hearts. Lets make hearts stronger and healthier, with Ayurveda. Know about all the factors related to Heart from Diet, Lifestyle and Yoga view point and perhaps you can be one to sing the above song......!!
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Detox- Diet Plan & Lifestyle Guide
You year planner is marked with the dates when you will need to service your vehicle and you never forget your clothes to laundary at proper intervals. What about your own body? What about your cells and tissues, which do a lot for you daily and are keeping you alive from so many years? You should care about all these too. Now it is the time to get serviced your body and it is as simple as to soak a piece of cloth in the water with washing powder and then to wash it properly. Your diet and lifestyle alone can do both the jobs for you easily. What are you waiting for
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